Accounting Services in Lawrence, KS

Reliable and Precise General Accounting Services in Lawrence, KS

The demands of running a business are many and varied, and handling finances is no exception. Balancing a business budget can be time consuming, and if not done correctly, it can harm your business’s wellbeing. Not everyone is a financial guru, so hiring the right accounting team can make a big difference in your income and growth.

Keeping your business finances in order is of the utmost importance, but finding a reliable accounting team is difficult. That's where we come in. At Glass Consulting, we draw on years of experience to provide effective back-office support and general accounting services in Lawrence, KS. With us, you have peace of mind, which allows you to focus on running your company. From bookkeeping to payroll, we do it all.

Thanks to our mixture of skills, experience, attention to detail, and modern accounting practices, we are able to help you keep your business running smoothly. We provide comprehensive oversight of your finances, so you have a finely detailed picture of the cash flow and associated elements of your business, such as payments and invoices and payroll.

How It Works

There’s no cookie-cutter solution to accounting or payroll services and a firm which tries to apply such an approach to any business is selling the customer short. Your business is as unique as you are, and so we customize our service to better fit your needs.

We understand that your business is just as unique as you are. With this in mind, we take extra time to understand your numbers and what drives your profitability and cash flow before we get to work. This helps us set up customized systems and accounting services to enable you to streamline processes while enhancing profits.

It’s vital to have accurate insight on all the financial aspects of day-to-day operations. We are business owners ourselves, and thus, we understand the importance of timely and accurate bookkeeping services. We offer our full support in managing your accounts so you can focus on growing your business.

Keeping the Tax Man Happy

Uncle Sam requires his fair share, and we’ll work with you to provide dependable tax services to keep everything up to date and filed properly and promptly. We keep abreast of changes in tax codes and regulations and employ this knowledge on your behalf.

Contact us to book an appointment for our services. We are proud to serve clients in and around Lawrence, KS.